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VirtualBoss is an easy to use and powerful software. While our goal is to make your experience as intuitive as possible, there's no better way to learn something new than to have an experienced person show you.

We offer 2 levels of support for your software. Our Basic Support plan lets you upgrade your software as soon as we come out with new features or additions. It's a great way to keep your software up-to-date with the latest changes. Our 2nd level plan offers unlimited Support as well as upgrades. Our Pro Support plan is great for those that not only want to stay current with their software, but receive friendly, knowledgable, and experienced advice from our support team!

Basic Support Plan Details

The VirtualBoss Basic Support Plan allows you to upgrade your software whenever we release a new update. We continually work on improving the software, coming up with new features that make your scheduling easier! We also highly value customer feedback! Many features of VirtualBoss have been added due to feedback from our customers. If you would like to receive updates as soon as we finish them, a basic support plan may be right for you! (This option does not include technical support)

Benefits of the Basic Support Plan:

  • Unlimited Upgrades for PC and Remote VirtualBoss
  • Initial Setup and training* for VirtualBoss
* training offer expires 30 days after purchase

Pro Support Plan Details

Our Pro Support Plan is the complete package! You get unlimited upgrades for PC VirtualBoss and Remote VirtualBoss as soon as we release them! You also get unlimited over the phone technical support, including remote desktop assistance. We'll do everything possible to make your experience with VirtualBoss as easy and productive as possible! This package also has a special offer!! You can get the Pro Support Plan for the same price as the Basic plan! If you purchase support with the software, you automatically activate a $10.00/month discount, giving you the Pro Support plan at the Basic pricing. As an added bonus, you are under no obligation to keep the support plan! You can cancel this service at any time for no fee!

Benefits of Pro Support Plan

  • Unlimited Upgrades for PC and Remote VirtualBoss
  • Unlimited over the phone technical support
  • Networking support for up to 5 users
  • Online Chat and 24/7 Email support
  • Free Setup of Remote VirtualBoss
  • Free Domain Name for your Remote VirtualBoss website
  • Unlimited training from experienced support staff

Note: You can buy a support plan at any time. You can get a discount on your support by adding it with your purchase of a new User License!