VirtualBoss - Update History

April 2nd, 2014: version 5.08 build 361 Download Now

  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss drop down lists to show all jobs and contacts when adding or editing a task
  • The filter options on Remote VirtualBoss can now be toggled on and off and will remember that state when reloading the page
  • In Remote VirtualBoss, using the search boxes to find contacts and jobs will now cause the results to disappear when clicking a result
  • In PC VirtualBoss, the export window has been updated and the logic to create an auto-export has been improved

March 25th, 2014: version 5.08 build 360

  • More modern looking (and accurate) progress indicators have been added
  • IIS compatibility improvements have been added to Remote VirtualBoss
  • Fixed compatility issues with newer versions of Windows Task Scheduler. Auto Exports should now function as expected
  • You no longer see the "skipping files" message during the software installation
  • Added justification, color, and font size icons to the task notes field when font and color options are enabled

March 17th, 2014: version 5.08 build 359

  • Updated Print/Email/Fax with new changes
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss interface to be more consistent
  • Fixed bug in file attachments tab where clicking "locate" would not find the file
  • Many window updates for visual improvement
  • Added more icons to options in Print/Email/Fax for visual improvement
  • Choosing a job or contact in Print/Email/Fax lists will now be sorted by previously checked items
  • Made buttons more consistent width relative to one another
  • Updated Printed Schedule options to be more condensed and easier to navigate through
  • Added shortcuts to get to Work Order and Schedule options windows. Can be found under the Options menu
  • Changed "edit options" links to be buttons for easier identification in Print/Email/Fax
  • Updated wording in various Print/Email/Fax screens with better descriptions of what the options do
  • Introduced new right-click context menu throughout VirtualBoss.
  • Added an option during software install to include Remote VirtualBoss (previously, it was installed by default)
  • Removed constant warning message from Work Order options window that warned of page width exceeding one page
  • Condensed other dialog messages to be more descriptive with less wording
  • Spell checking is now disabled by default
  • Added text editing options directly into the notes field to provide quick formatting of text. More will be added in the next build
  • Cut/Copy/Paste options can now be found in the same right-click context menu as the font and color settings

January 30th, 2014: version 5.08 build 355

  • Changed a few default font settings for the Gantt Chart view for better readability
  • Added a new program and backup icon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text to become bolded when tabbing out of a field that had drop down options.
  • Some windows throughout the program have been updated with new text and icons.
  • New print and email icons have been added to the print/email/fax dialog screens.
  • Fixed some odd behavior when clicking in white space on some screens.
  • Added some smart functionality to the Task Manager that should reduce the number of unnecessary save triggers.

January 13th, 2014: version 5.08 build 351

  • Further improvements to Print/Email/Fax.
  • Email & Fax tab has been renamed to just "Email" and features new options and a new interface for emailing a single task.

December 16th, 2013: version 5.08 build 349

  • Work Order options page has been updated and new options have been added.
  • Fixed bug that caused the apply option to not trigger when changing the auto-backup location.
  • Updated text on some buttons to better reflect their actions.
  • Added many new options to the Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view.
  • Fixed a problem with the Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view not loading.
  • Print/Email/Fax received many updates to improve sending emails.
  • Line Breaks and character format is now preserved on printed reports with Standard and HTML formats.
  • Many fields have had their character limit greatly increased (Job Site Notes, Directions to Job Site, Ect...)
  • Custom fields and Lists should now be enabled by default.
  • Automatic task # guessing is now "off" by default.
  • Columns should now save their new position and size as soon as they are changed.
  • Fixed a few bugs on the "Edit all tasks" window that would cause unexpected results if adding new items "on-the-fly" from that window.
  • Fixed bug when using Standard email format that would cause line breaks to appear as %ENTER%.
  • Target Start field in Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view now displays as the actual field name set in PC VirtualBoss.
  • New email icon added to some windows.
  • Print/Email/Fax now has a summary list so you can see who will be receiving emails you are about to send.
  • Updated many windows with text for better explanations.
  • Fixed issue with the Job # field not correectly reflecting in the subject body of the email when using Standard formatting.
  • When using Standard formatting, there is no longer an unused gap of space on each page after the first page.

October 23rd, 2013: version 5.08 build 346

  • Gantt Chart View for Remote VirtualBoss has been added!
  • Current Primary and Secondary sort columns now have their header highlighted in order to stand out more.
  • The Task ID column is now hidden by default. This should help reduce confusion and mixup with the Task # field. (should not affect current users if the field is set to show already)
  • "Restore Default Filters" button has been renamed. It is now called "Show all tasks" (Remove active filters)
  • Reverted slide-out menu for color options in the right-click menu back to its original functionality.
  • Fixed a problem where using a custom Gantt Chart header would cause the filters label to print on the report, even if set to off.
  • Many window updates and refinements.

September 18th, 2013: version 5.08 build 343

  • Improvements to new schedule options window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented schedules from printing when no active tasks are selected.
  • Updated the Gantt Chart view so that view does not jump around when new tasks are created.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all imported jobs to be added as new jobs instead of updating existing jobs.
  • Updated text on certain quickbooks sync windows to be more accurate.

September 10th, 2013: version 5.08 build 341

  • New options for print/email/fax schedule. The schedule will now default to look the same as your Task List.
  • Remote VirtualBoss interface updates.
  • Fixed an issue when changing the status of jobs or contacts in Remote VirtualBoss.

July 12th, 2013: version 5.08 build 340

  • Complete overhaul of the Print/Email/Fax control panel. Made to be much more intuitive and easier to use!
  • Fixed an issue with file attachments not working in Remote VirtualBoss when the login screen is enabled.

June 20th, 2013: version 5.08 build 338

  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors to appear when saving Job Notes when font and color options are enabled.
  • Calendar/Working days option in the scheduling tab should now work as intended (bug introduced in build 337).

June 13th, 2013: version 5.08 build 337

  • Major Speed Enhancements have been applied to this build. Users should notice a significant improvement when multiple users are connected to the same database!
  • Remote VirtualBoss has had some areas optimized to provide faster load times for all users. Users with larger databases should really see a difference!
  • Options have been added to Remote VirtualBoss to give users more choices when deleting certain items to bring it more inline with the PC VirtualBoss software.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a task in Remote VirtualBoss that had task links (only present in unreleased build).
  • Some default settings were not being applied when creating a new database, this has been corrected.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue that could prevent some users from installing VirtualBoss on Windows XP Home edition.
  • Fixed a bug in PC VirtualBoss that wouldn't update task links for some tasks if their predecessor was deleted under certain conditions.
  • Updated some windows in PC VirtualBoss that now shows the task description where previously it only showed a task ID number.
  • Fixed a bug in Remote VirtualBoss when changing the finish plus field of a task without task links. This should no longer affect the task start date.
  • Fixed a bug in Remote VirtualBoss where deleting a job would not always unassign the tasks associated with that job.

April 22nd, 2013: version 5.08 build 334

  • Remote VirtualBoss: When logging in as a user with restricted permissions, the contact and job drop down filters now only show the filtered results (previously all contacts and jobs were visible).
  • Remote VirtualBoss: The contact and job manager screens now only show filtered results when logging in as a restricted user.
  • Remote VirtualBoss: Removed the "Company Name" drop down filter. Before, the "Person's Name" and "Company" name fields were linked together. This caused some logical problems as well as confusion. To choose a contact filter in Remote VirtualBoss, please use the Person's Name drop down. No filter functionality has been removed as the Person's name drop down list contains the same information.
  • Fixed the right-click menu option for viewing job site details of a task.
  • Updated the window when quick adding a Job. It is now similar to the regular add job window.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing schedule settings from being saved.

April 4th, 2013: version 5.08 build 332

  • Fixed issue that prevented the first job in the job manager from appearing in the filter box in Remote VirtualBoss
  • Updated many prompt boxes with more accurate descriptions
  • fixed window glitch when resizing some windows
  • Overhauled the duplicate job option.
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from deleting Jobs from the Job Manager
  • The Task # column in Remote VirtualBoss now shows decimal places
  • The Task list no longer resorts when moving columns left or right
  • Fixed issue where some list columns were not remembering their position after a shutdown
  • When updating VirtualBoss, all settings for Remote VirtualBoss will now be remembered
  • You can now show contact phone numbers on the Task List via the preference options

February 12th, 2013: version 5.08 build 324

  • New Filter Options for Remote VirtualBoss (Similar to what you find in PC VirtualBoss)
  • Performance improvements for Network Users
  • Fixed issue where VirtualBoss could get stuck during installation
  • Updated message windows for some options
  • Custom Date Range on Gantt Chart Ssettings now defaults to current year instead of "01"

November 27th, 2012: version 5.08 build 320

  • Updated install procedure with improved Remote VirtualBoss installation
  • Updated user options when connecting to newer or older databases
  • Removed "installandupgrade" folder(s) from installation
  • Removed Remote VirtualBoss icon shortcut after installation
  • Reduced chance of seeing an Apache web server "stopped working" message during install
  • Filter options for Remote VirtualBoss are now shared between Task List and Calendar views
  • Remote VirtualBoss should now automatically upgrade during a PC VirtualBoss upgrade, rather than prompt the user to do so afterwards
  • The "disable login screen" option for Remote VirtualBoss is now remembered after updating the software
  • Tasks on Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view now show the Job Name next to the description
  • Reduced chance of Anti-Virus software flagging some VirtualBoss files with a false-positive notification
  • There is now link to the Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view on the PC VirtualBoss Calendar view
  • Updated install procedure to once again allow for multiple installs of VirtualBoss on the same computer
  • Included Sample Databases have had their start dates adjusted

November 13th, 2012: version 5.08 build 318

  • Calendar View has been added to Remote VirtualBoss. A drag-and-drop style calendar lets you easily view and update your schedule! View the Calendar on our demo site
  • Remote VirtualBoss is now installed automatically for new installations, making setup easier!
  • Apache 2.2 is now supported and included for Remote VirtualBoss (previous 2.0 versions will need to be removed prior to installation)
  • Added options to change Task Color scheme to the right-click menu.

September 24th, 2012: version 5.08 build 316

  • Fixed contact details window glitch on phones tab when font and color options are enabled for contact notes.
  • Fixed visual inconsistency when single clicking to select records on drop down lists in filter windows.
  • Fixed a problem with auto-export that would cause the last task to be repeated.
  • Minor corrections and updates to dialog windows.

September 17th, 2012: version 5.08 build 315

  • Options for preserving start dates when linking and auto linking Tasks have been added.
  • Fixed issue that caused some installations to automatically deregister under certain conditions.
  • Added options to mark and unmark all weekends off for the year. (Software now defaults all weekends to off)
  • Added right-click option to change Job Name.
  • Single clicking on a company name or a person's name in the Filter Options drop down menus will now properly recognize that selection.
  • Deleting a user from the Users tab will now recognize and save properly.
  • Many UI, bug fixes, and window improvements, have been included with this build.

August 2nd, 2012: version 5.08 build 312

  • Many of the tabs in the Contact Manager have been updated with better layouts.
  • Fixed a problem with user login permissions remaining active when switching databases.
  • Remote VirtualBoss Tasks now display "Last Changed By" if the option is enabled in PC VirtualBoss.

June 25th, 2012: version 5.08 build 308

  • The Scheduling tab has been redesigned to make task linking easier through the task detail screen.
  • You can now choose your printer from the print preview window after clicking on print. The printer properties dialog appears in other areas of VirtualBoss as well when printing.
  • Drop down menus in the basic filter and basic task permissions window will now resize the window to show more information.
  • Active and Done task permissions are now checked as default when creating new user logins.

June 11th, 2012: version 5.08 build 307

  • New Custom Logins with Filter-Style permissions controls have been added.
  • Primary and Secondary Sort options have been added to the Gantt Chart for easier sorting.
  • Fixed "Date Range to show" in Gantt Chart settings. Custom range will now remember your last entered values.
  • Fixed a visual offset that occurred to the Ruler text on the Gantt Chart after printing under certain conditions.
  • Improvements have been made to input field behaviour throughout the program:
    *Fields no longer auto switch to the next field when the character limit has been reached.
    *Duration field is now left justified and easier to edit.
    *Clicking on input fields should now feel more natural.
    *Clicking on a date field (mm/dd/yy) will now highlight, making it easier to edit.
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss to work with new Login Permissions.
  • Improvements done to Recently opened database window:
    *Locate Database will now open the parent folder rather than the database folder.
    *Pressing Delete on a database will now just remove it from the list.
    *Removed second option prompt asking to permanently delete the database after list removal.
    *Changed "Create Blank Database" to "Create New Database".
  • Fixed a problem with Edit all tasks in which text being typed wouldn't always appear in some situations.
  • Fixed multiple screen refresh issues.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where opening/editing a task would briefly display another tasks data.

April 23rd, 2012: version 5.08 build 303

  • New Feature: This build contains new Security options for VirtualBoss.
  • The old login system to VirtualBoss has been removed and replaced with new controls.
  • Logins for VirtualBoss and Remote VirtualBoss are now shared.
  • "I'm a Contact" and "I'm a Job Owner" login types have been removed from Remote VirtualBoss. (all current logins can be either read/write or read-only; this will change soon.)
  • Added an "apply" button next to memorized filters and memorized settings drop downs.
  • fixed numerous refresh issues throughout the program.
  • Opening a task for editing will no longer briefly show a partially loaded detail window.

March 8th, 2012: version 5.08 build 299

  • Fixed a bug with delete all task links that wouldn't remove the links in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug with changing the custom date range in the Gantt Chart settings using the drop down calendar.

February 27th, 2012: version 5.08 build 298

  • Fixed error noise that occurs when adding the first task to a new database.
  • Getting Started Guide will now only refresh when first opened.

February 21st, 2012: version 5.08 build 297

  • Made optimizations to some lists while they load, slight performance improvement in some areas.
  • Filter window should now load faster under most conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the load icon to appear on the mouse pointer after an operation until the user moved the mouse.
  • Start and Finish dates on Exports will now retain their proper format when some tasks are missing those fields.
  • Lists now export in the same order they appear in VirtualBoss.

February 6th, 2012: version 5.08 build 294

  • Speed improvements have been implemented to help when multiple users are connected to a single database.
  • Fixed preference window glitch that would sometimes reset task color settings.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused VirtualBoss to "de-register" after sending an email.
  • The Calendar now uses previously unused window space
  • New Getting Started Guide has been added with more up-to-date images, advice, and helpful tips.
  • Speed improvements have been implemented for the Job Manager when multiple users are connected.
  • Other speed improvements have been implemented to help reduce input lag when multiple users are connected.
  • See our new Database Maintenance Guide for useful tips on reducing the size of your growing Database!
  • The Scheduling Tab now sets its default filter to whichever Job the Task is assigned to.

January 5th, 2012: version 5.08 build 293

  • Fixed a calendar setting option that overlapped, making it difficult to toggle on or off.
  • Removing file attachments triggers the save/apply action.
  • Fixed a bug where the requested by drop down menu would be hidden behind the notes if font and color settings were turned on.
  • Fixed a floating window when viewing contact groups print preview.
  • Notes on printed/emailed reports are no longer cut short.
  • Filter to Job within Job Manager now works when other filters are active.
  • Fixed many drop down lists that were not triggering a save when used to make a change.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented font and color settings from working on printed/emailed reports.
  • Support Plan customers shouldn't see the message asking them to update their license info anymore.

December 21st, 2011: version 5.08 build 291

  • Default Time Scale on the Gantt Chart has been changed to 300.
  • Reduced the chance you would drag a bar to a 0 day duration on the Gantt Chart.
  • While on the Gantt Chart, the currently selected task now has a unique color.
  • Reduced how much the Gantt Chart will "auto adjust" after a screen refresh.
  • Simplified the options window given when changing the start date of a linked task on the Gantt Chart.
  • Improvements have been made to allow the Gantt Chart to refresh faster after a change has been made.
  • Job, Contact, and Task manager windows now take top position when initially opened.
  • Found and fixed a bug with "Edit all tasks in list" option.
  • Corrected a calculation error when changing the duration or start date with "Edit all tasks in list".
  • The preferences window will no longer apply settings if nothing was changed.
  • You can now export to excel when no tasks are showing in the task manager.
  • Fixed a problem with the profession drop down list in the contact manager
  • Drop down lists for City and State now show information again.

November 29th, 2011: version 5.08 build 287

  • Custom fields and Lists have been added to the Job and Contact Manager.

November 14th, 2011: version 5.08 build 285

  • Fixed a problem in certain situations where schedules with linked Tasks were not always updating after a change.

October 13th, 2011: version 5.08 build 284

  • Increased infinite loop detection when linking tasks that have multiple predecessors.
  • Schedules update properly again when new tasks are added and then linked immediately.
  • 4 Additional Custom Lists have been added to the Task Manager.

September 26th, 2011: version 5.08 build 282

  • Added 4 additional Custom Fields! These fields appear in Lists, Reports, and Remote VirtualBoss.